This is perhaps one of the biggest questions that I get asked as an Investing Realtor® here in Jersey City, New Jersey. So often, when people who are looking to sell their homes quickly and are considering using a “We Buy Houses” type franchise in Jersey City; they are left with more questions than answers!

If this is you, then no worries! This article will help dispel some of the myths, as well as perhaps share a tip or two that you could use to sell your home quickly with, or without the use of a We Buy Houses company in Jersey City

Selling Your Home In Jersey City Fast
How Does We Buy Houses Work In Jersey City?

How Does We Buy Houses Work In Jersey City?

One of the first things to consider is the speed in which you need to sell your home. If you are in a situation where you need to sell your home quickly, for cash, (to avoid foreclosure, or perhaps need to sell due to divorce, estate, or some other situation) then a “We Buy Houses” type of arrangement may be a good alternative to “Listing your home.”

What I’ve discovered in 19 years of real estate experience in the Jersey City area is that the first concern one typically has is about the price that they might get from an all cash transaction. While Realtors® typically specialize in getting the “highest price and best terms” for the listings in their charge, a typical “We Buy Houses” company in Jersey City does not.

Instead, when selling your Jersey City home fast, especially with a We Buy Houses Tucson Company, the highest price and the best terms are not the top items on the table!

Typically, the average We Buy Houses unlicensed person who has a “bandit sign” or a “yellow letter in direct mail” has fewer than 2 years experience in the market, and worse yet; many have never done a single deal.. This is NOT the time to “test out their new business!”!